Cellulose, Fiberglass & Spray Foam insulation anywhere you may need

There are many houses in the Connecticut and New York areas that were built over the past 300 years. Unfortunately, a great number of them still have the same insulation that was installed when they were first built. Time, rodents, weather, and lax building codes take their toll on your comfort, finances, and health. Not only does old insulation make your home not feel warm and cozy, but it also takes a toll on our finances year over year.

The Home Energy Pros specialize in Insulation of existing homes. With the core principles of cleanliness, professionalism, and thoroughness we aim to make a lasting difference in your home. Let us help make your home more comfortable on the hot summer days and the cool winter nights. We strive to make your home as comfortable and cozy as you deserve.

Our fully trained techs install Cellulose, Fiberglass & Spray Foam insulation anywhere in you home your may need.

The Home Energy Pros have been working in the insulation field for over a decade with over 13 years of experience. We specialize in existing homes with all the customer service, professionalism, and cleanliness that you demand for the place you call home.

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"The Crew showed up on time for the day of the install. They took great care with plastic to protect my home before insulating my attic. My wife was thrilled that they left our home cleaner then they found it. I felt the difference that very night!"
- Steve M

Why Us?

Trust. All relationships are built on trust. With that philosophy in mind, we will do everything to build and earn it from you. It’s not a job site, it’s your Home. You deserve to have trustworthy technicians with full background checks, training, professionalism, quality assurances and ample time to complete the upgrades without rushing.

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Home Insulators, A rooftop attic is clean and stacked with blown insulation

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